We’re back + a new year’s goal

 Well hello again! It’s been a whole TWO YEARS since I’ve posted here! I can’t believe it! So much life has happened, extra blessings, life changes, impossible dreams lived and so much more. My goal is to share snippets here of some of that from the past as well as things happening to come, but for now let’s start with this....

This is us! All seven of us. 
One of my goals this year is to take a family picture each month. No stress or specific outfits. I told them to wear whatever they wanted to wear. I just want THEM as they are in that moment in time, every month. It’s really a gift to myself to get my favorite humans all in one frame together. 

So here’s us, on January 3, 2021. ☺️ #cordovapartyofseven

I’m currently updating this little space, changed the name and even made it a real “.com” now! 
Just celebrating the little things over here! 
Stay tuned for more posts as well as baking recipes from my oldest daughter here each week! (If you’ve been following me on my Instagram stories you’ve seen her incredible bakes she’s been making lately! All gluten free, nut free, egg free.)


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