Scarlett turned 12!


Our sweet Scarlett Hope turned TWELVE over this last weekend! It’s officially her last year as a tween and she is ready for it! With this past year being so different and social distancing in place, we’ve made it a point to let our kids be queen or king of their day, getting to pick out what we do and what we eat all day. 

So here’s a peek into our Scarlett’s special day! 

Breakfast: Gluten Free Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes 

Activities: Paint nails with mama + sister 

Do a face mask with mama (brother decided to join in on that too! Haha) She also got to wear mamas robe because she’s queen of the day.

Drink hot chocolate 

Next up, she had her first lesson in shaving her legs! Mama, big sis and her all got into the big bathtub with our shorts on and new razors and we all shaved our legs together! Haha! Such a forever memory that will be. 


Lunch: Gluten Free Mac+Cheese

Activities: Blow out candles (on the unicorn cake that SHE MADE and DECORATED)

Open presents and watch Soul Surfer (she loves faith based movies)

 Dinner: Gluten Free Pizza (she usually doesn’t eat cheese so for her birthday she requested lots of cheese meals)

Activities: Watch Miracles from Heaven all together while eating dinner in the living room. 

And then the next day we met up with her very best friend to go walking (which she hasn’t had a chance to spend time with her in almost a year!) and grab a Starbucks together.

It was such a special day(s) celebrating our girl! Scarlett is one of the sweetest, kindest, big-hearted, full of joy and silliest girl you’ll ever meet. She’s quick to help, she lovesssss to talk about everything and she’s the girliest of all girlies. 

Happy Birthday, Scarlett Hopey-Dope! We love you so much!! 


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