february 12, 2024 #livingoutluke252

 february 12, 2024

daily documenting #livingoutluke252 

My goal right now is getting as much of God’s Word in my mind as possible. I crave it and want to ingest as much as I can to soak my brain in it. It sounds weird but it’s true! 

The Bible talks about the Word of God being like seeds planted so I’m super-seeding my heart, and I believe it’s because there’s a future harvest on the other side of faithfulness to plant the seeds. 

I heard someone recently that said that if you read about 40 chapters of the Bible each day that you’ll get through the New Testament in a week and the whole Bible in a month! Even if you broke that in half, it’s still incredible! 

Yesterday I told myself I’d listen to the whole book of proverbs (31 chapters) and see if I could do in the day. Like, can a mom of 6 kids find the time/capacity to do it? Yes, yes she can. 🙌🏼

I started the book of Matthew last night and my goal is to listen to as much as I can each day while giving myself grace if I don’t get through 40 chapters each day. No guilt, shame or duty driven mentality but an exciting challenge to fully enjoy the process of doing something out of the ordinary with the hope of knowing God and His Word in greater ways! I don’t want to rush it to check off a box. I want to listen with an open heart to receive it. Sometimes I’ll realize my mind has wandered so I skip it back and keep re-listening until my mind slows enough to really listen and take it in. I want to position my heart to be a sponge with the Bible. Listening in bigger chunks of scripture instead of a verse or chapter at a time has been incredible too and brings so much more clarity and understanding. I’m really excited to see how much I can listen to by next week! 

I highly recommend it!


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