february 9, 2024 #livingoutluke252

february 9, 2024

daily documenting #livingoutluke252 

Last year I was so sick in my pregnancy that reading, listening to something or watching anything intensified my nausea. What made it even harder was I felt the impact that comes from being distant in my personal connection to Jesus. I never felt abandoned or like He left but I just MISSED HIM. I missed my time with Him. I felt so physically sick that it took over everything else. I would try to read or listen as much as I could but it was such a struggle. 

If Jesus is the bread of life, I was spiritually starving and I could feel the effects. 

If Jesus is the One where we get living water, I was spiritually dehydrated. 

When God gave the children of Israel manna in the desert for food, they had to collect it fresh everyday. They couldn’t save it for the next day because it went bad. They had to daily go and collect fresh manna. 

It’s the same with me. I need fresh “manna” everyday. I need “the bread of life” fresh everyday. I can’t collect my time with Jesus from yesterday and feel sustained by it today. I end up feeling weary and trying to carry things in my own strength which is good for nobody. I need it fresh everyday. 

Today I was reminded of my desperate need for Jesus daily. This challenge of living out Luke 2:52 has been incredible. I FEEL the difference and my kids SEE the difference which is awesome. I go to bed listening to the Bible and wake up listening to the Bible and throughout my day I’m soaking up as much scripture and teaching that I can. BUT THIS MORNING… the morning started extra early and I was busy between babies. I was living off yesterday’s “manna” and ended up striving in my own strength. I felt easily frustrated and grumpy and found myself just weary. And I realized it was because I didn’t start my day with Jesus. I had to talk to my kids about it too because I know they are watching and learning how to walk with Jesus by how I walk with Jesus. Today was a perfect example for them to see the difference in mama when I start my days with Jesus and when I don’t. It’s noticeable! That’s good and bad news, right?! 

Stay close to Jesus, mamas. Start your days getting fresh manna from Him. Don’t try to live off yesterday’s portion. And if you don’t feel like you have time for it, re-prioritize what is most important. We will always give time to what we value the most. And living out our relationship with Jesus in front of our children, or lack of relationship with Jesus in front of our children, impacts their little hearts in deep ways. We either point them to Him or to ourselves or other things. 




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