february 13, 2024 #livingoutluke252

february 13, 2024 

daily documenting #livingoutluke252 

Since the number of people reading my posts is so small, I might as well just say what I want to say, right?! Something that I’m telling my kids: if we call ourselves Christians and are betting our soul’s eternity on this faith that we say we have, shouldn’t we know what the Bible actually says? Shouldn’t we soak our minds in scripture and be obsessed with His Word?

A musician practices and practices their music to call themselves a real musician. You couldn’t call yourself a writer or an actor or a gamer (my boys are listening 
😂) without doing what it is that you say you are. You have to become obsessed with it and live it out to truly be called that which you profess to be. Otherwise, people will see through it and call you a hypocrite, right? So it should be in our Christian faith. We should prioritize knowing the Bible, breathing it in, memorizing it, living by it, seeking the face of our Creator daily if we say we are a Christian. Not just a Sunday service or a verse of the day kind of Christian. Not just a listener of others that tell us their interpretation of scripture kind of Christian but a seeker ourselves of the Word of God kind of Christian. Because otherwise it’s almost like listening to half a song and then calling myself a musician. No one would believe me. 

It’s all or nothing to me. It’s all of scripture, every word of it, even the areas I don’t fully understand, or it’s nothing. This trend of people that are in their “dismantling their faith” era blow my mind. My opinion? Either embrace the entirety of the gospel or walk away but those sitting in the middle, rewriting what they want it to say are living that lukewarm, powerless, blind leading the blind religion that leads others away from God and points them only to a false god that has no ability to actually bring any salvation at all. Let’s not be people that get to the end of our lives only to blame someone else’s weak interpretation of scripture for our lack of faith in God. Jesus plus nothing is enough. He is the starting point and what we measure everything against should be God’s Word first. 


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