february 27, 2024#livingoutluke252

february 27, 2024
daily documenting #livingoutluke252 

My home is BLESSED when I’m diffusing these beautiful bottles full of biblical history. All throughout the Bible you can read about oils and incense being used and prescribed by God Himself to His people. Do a little study on it! You’ll be so encouraged! You can feel the difference in attitudes, emotions, peace, so many things. I’m very intentional with bringing in and creating a home full of peace. Some of the ways I do that is with essential oils, worship playing, Bible reading, cleaning, addressing negative behaviors, cozy spots with blankets and talking openly and daily with my children of the Lord. 

I shared a bit more about it on today’s podcast! ❤️

My little Oceana is feeling under the weather and when I’m nursing her I’ll swipe the bottom of her feet with frankincense. If it was good enough for Jesus, I want to use it on my babies too!


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